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We dance together as a troupe and we also dance as soloists.

Shamira, Erena, Berna, Ernest and Shara (1987)


At the Embassy Suite, 2003

Nabila, Shara, Antoinette, Zulya, Deborah, Amina and Susu

Waiting to lead a zeffa


At Cleopatra Restaurant - 2001

The Aswans at an annual Arabic festival


The Aswan Dancers and The Arabian Knights waiting to do a zeffa



Amina (about 1971)



Telma at The Sultans (1983)


Nazir Latouf and Telma at The Sultans (1983)


Amina in Studio modeling Tiger costume from Egypt (1990)


Meroe at a Studio party (1985)


Amina 1966

see gildedserpent articles

Shara, Maya, Nabila, Deborah and Zulya

"Ya Omda" from 2003 Giza Awards Show


Amina again (about 1974)


There are more of us (2001)


Amina at The Sultans (1983)


Carnaval, San Francisco, 1982, a joint venture

with Sir Lawrence Washington

We were first place


Amina again (1972?)


Amina, Nabila, Nawal, Deborah, Zulya, Cynthia and Maya

Backstage at Mecda show, 2003



¯Zulya. Shara, Nabila and Nawal (1999)


The Egyptian/American Dance Troupe (1977)

(Tuta, Amina, Fatma Akef)

Dunya Tanya, Salima, Michael, Ernest, Bobby and Latif

Telma, Teri, Shamira and Amina



The Aswan Dancers
829 Elizabeth Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 282-7910