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Once upon a time, many years ago, kan we zaman,

there was a little girl

who collected rocks and seashells

who wanted to be a dancer

or an Egyptologist

or maybe a drummer.

Instead she obeyed her parents, learned to cook and sew;

got married and had children.

But her dreams remained lurking in the secret crevices of her mind and imagination. When her babies took naps

she would travel to the far-off distant lands of

Exotica and Primitiva

and play dress-up while ironing and folding laundry and she would happily dance on the green plush carpets with the vacuum cleaner.

She was content but not totally fulfilled. Something was pulling her to explore other avenues.

So on the eve of her middle child's birthday she dared to do

what was necessary to achieve her desires.

She went across town to unknown territory

to take her first belly dance lesson.

This was the beginning of her journey that will be known as

Bagdad Nights.
Following will be a series of vignettes telling and reliving those times. Other people will also help tell the story.

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