Amina Goodyear playing at

Egyptian American Festival

Egyptian Dance Rhythm Classes

In order to learn this dance correctly you need to understand the music, the songs and the rhythms.

In this rhythm class you will learn all that and more.

Written handouts and practice CDs provided.

Amina playing riq with Fatih Gerah, Raed Khawaga, Sandy, Susu, Salah Eddine & Claudia

Amina playing zils with Cairo Cats

Susu, Daria, Devi Ja, Elearnor, Ssylvia

and Dunya Tanya




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Amina & Doug Adamz of

Light Rain

Amina, Linda, Fadil &Nader Shahin

at El Morocco




Monday MAY 25 holiday,

Saturday JUNE 13 Berkeley World Music Fesitval, Saturday JUNE 20 El Fan workshops with Leila,

Saturday JULY 4 holiday,

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday JULY 14, 15, 16 MENDOCINO MID EAST MUSIC AND DANCE CAMP

Saturday AUGUST 1 Carnival of Stars, Saturday AUGUST 15 Ya Halla Y'all, Saturday AUGUST 29 Cairo Nights IV workshops with Sadie,

Monday SEPTEMBER 7 holdiday


Drumming for Dancers taught by Amina- MONDAY 8:30-10:00

$15 drop in or $40/4 classes ( good for 6 weeks- can be used for dance class also)

This drum class is designed to help the dancer learn and understand the rhythms in order to perform the dance better. All dance rhythms taught and we discuss how it's used in the dance. Eventually we will play along with dance music and discuss how to recognize the drum within the song and what movements work best.

Drums available for use in class


Susu teaches

Wednesdays 7:30 - 9 pm

mixed level

to reserve Contact Amina

Aswan Dancers 829 Elizabeth St. San Francisco, CA 94114


New classes in Berkeley (Thursdays) & Sebastopol (First Saturdays)

with Susu

call 415 308-7887 to sign up and address


Susu's classes $20 each class


Cymbal for dance taught by Amina

Any Level

$40/hour or $120 for 4 sessions - Private Instruction

You will learn rhythms on finger cymbals

Designed for dancers to learn to the dance rhythms. dance and play along with the cymbals

Covers technique, rhythms, translations and learning to play several rhythms in song.

Includes rhythm transitions and types of movements to be used with each rhythm.

- Songs chosen will be "must learn" classics, traditional and popular. -

Zils (finger cymbals), drums available for use in class.


Amina has been playing back-up percussion weekly for over 15 years.

She currently plays with The Pasha Band, The Georges Lamman Ensemble, Khalil Abboud, and

with Aswat San Francisco's only Arabic Community Choir.



Nazir Latouf, Loay Dahbour, Reda Darwish & Amina ----Issa Sweidan, Jacques al Asmar, Amina & Susu

Magana's Belly Dance Contest -----------------------------Private Party


Amina and Jacques al Asmar at Amira

Amina, Nizar, Fouad Marzouk

Mimi Spencer, Susu, Gregangelo

and Amina at BDUC

Issa Sweidan, Jacques al Asmar,

Gregangelo,Laura, Amina & Susu

at Shake & Bake





Raed Khawaga, Jacques al Asmar, Dahlena, Amina & Linda -------Noel, Jacques al Asmar and Amina--------

Egyptian American Festival --------------------------------------------Rakassah Summer Festival--------

The Aswan Dancers
829 Elizabeth Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 282-7910



Cairo Cats in Lobby of Ethnic Dance Festival

Gregangelo, Amina, Susu and Daria